I livelive and workwork in DC.
In my (limited) spare time
I design supersuper nerdynerdy

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I was a Creative Director specializing in branding, UI/UX, and digital design. Today, I harness my abilities to foster meaningful connections between communities and the federal government through digital innovation. I lead an awesome team of designers and developers to craft user-friendly applications aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and operational efficiency for the public. I also freelance. I also don't sleep.

When I say nerdynerdy I reallyreally mean nerdy.nerdy.

I always have several fun projects in the works. My interests include symbology, minimalism, and pop-culture.


Need some design

I am currently accepting new clients. Looking to do something cool with your existing brand? Need a refresh? Drop me a note and let's chat.

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