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A New Treasury

The new uses modern design principles to serve up content that is visually appealing, clean and simple to digest, and accessible by all audiences. The new design uses elements, such as typography and color, which are based on the U.S. Digital Service’s Web Standards Guide, a set of tools created and vetted as the #1 source for federal government development teams, consolidating user patters into a single evolving and customizable library.

Our goal is to grow the Treasury’s brand to encompass other organizations — both inside and outside the Department — in order to better serve the public with a concise and cogent visual brand that can enhance user experience when digitally interacting with their government.





Responding Responsively

Each year government mobile traffic grows faster than desktop site traffic. The new was carefully designed to present an optimal user experience on all mobile devices.

Whereas the previous iteration of did not render properly below desktop screen sizes, leading to decreased traffic and flawed user experiences, the new utilizes multiple breakpoints (smartphone portrait & landscape, tablet portrait & landscape, small desktop, large desktop) and fluid aspect ratios to present users with pixel-perfect content anytime and on any device.

We’ve implemented a custom mega menu that changes depending on screen size and created a set of responsive typographic styles to account for different resolutions.Finally, we’ve adjusted what content is served depending on the device, cutting clutter and saving screen real estate when it’s need most — at the user’s fingertips.



This is a unique website which will require a more modern browser to work!

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