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Simon Identity Protection





A Snazzy Character Brand

As a complementary concept to the sleek, precise Iris brand, Simon is designed to be a bit warmer in tone. The Simon personality is kind, knowing, and a bit of a nerd. He is the type of person who will always get your back in any situation, he sees danger before anyone else knows its there and he’s always around to protect his friends.

Simon – at his core – is a set of identity protection services. These services keep important information safe (in an increasingly perilous digital world) with regular account/credit checks, monitoring services, and 24/7 support. Simon can even tag along on international trips!




Design Thinking




Bow Ties and Plaid


The original concept behind Simon was to create a character to base the brand on. Simon is someone you can trust, with an unpolished demeanor and kind approach. The plaid was chosen for it’s dorkyness, Simon is a bit of a know-it-all. The warm tones are inviting and calming, while at the same time being cheery and bright. The “O” forms an abstract head in the mark as a subtle reminder that Simon is like a person, you can always talk to a Simon representative anytime of day, anywhere in the world.

What does Simon himself look like? If Simon was a real person he would look and act a lot like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, he was the first choice to play Simon in advertising campaigns, ane he would no dobt bring a kind cleverness to the brand personality.





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