Retro Weapons Minimalism

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Retro Weapons Minimalism





Nostalgia Overload

My parents were absolute angels for indulging their three rambunctious children when it came to Christmas presents. Every year we would ask Santa for a variety of molded plastic goodies and no matter how much Mom and Dad claimed to deny us such knick-knacks they always caved in and bought cratefuls of ninja amphibians, gung-ho beefcakes, spandex-clad superheroes, and vessels of every shape and size… plus all the weapons that came along with these glorious tributes to cartoonish violence.

I specifically remember the weapons: little bits of swords, guns, whips, axes, and other malevolent goodies which the figures would hold in their one-hole hands. They were often the first piece of a toy to be lost forever or the first to be bend out of shape, so we took special care to track there whereabouts at all times, lest our heroes and heroines would go unarmed.




Design Thinking




Clean, Simple Caches

This original poster series is a reflection of my need to categorize, organize, and catalog the caches of weapons I owned as a child (either physically or in video games/tv). The weapons are portrayed as simply as possible, usually with just a few lines, and are carefully arranged as I would have long ago on my bedroom floor. 

How many of the weapons can you spot in the puzzle-like shapes? True fans of the brands shown here will recognize their old favorites immediately.


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