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Atlas Poster Series





Where In the World Are We?

In the popular video game World of Warcraft, the virtual world is really big. I mean huge. Although it may not be the largest in video game history, it’s definitely the most diverse. From wind-swept green plains to desolate industrialized crevasses, the fictional world of Azeroth is as varying as it is ginormous. When players begin their journey in Azeroth they set off from one of 13 starting zones. These zones are designed for very low-level characters and are very often a players first interaction with the game, so it makes sense that most people think of their first starting zone with fond memories. I know I do.




Design Thinking




Adventure Awaits

What if there was a travel agency whose purpose was to show visitors the spectacular sights around Azeroth, let them sample the local fare, and introduce them to the world at large? That’s just what the Azerothian Tourism & Land Appreciation Society is for!

This poster series embodies the joy of exploration and the thrill of discovery by taking A.T.L.A.S.’s latest fictitious marketing scheme and adding a fun design twist. The different starting zones are immortalized in lush background images and snazzy typography. The adventure of a lifetime!

This project was originally posted to Reddit.


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