Lightsaber Archive

In a way, this project began when I was 4 years old. I had just seen my first Star Wars movie and I wanted nothing more than to grab the nearest broom handle, curtain rod, or stick and pretend I was saving the galaxy by cutting my siblings in half with sword made of light. I imagined the humming of the blade as I created dancing streams of bright plasma-light in the air. I collected old pipes, empty paper towel rolls (or anything I could get my hands on that resembled a lightsaber hilt) and would decorate them to wear on my belt.

As I grew older, I began to channel creative energy digitally recreating lightsabers. I started a catalog of these illustrations, organizing them into classes, styles, colors, and types.

The lightsabers collected in the archive are illustrated in a flat minimalist style, and I attempt to stay faithful to the original proportions/design. My digitally illustrated collection has quickly outgrew my actual collection (I only own 11 lightsabers, to be passed to my sons when they’re older), and I will be adding new lightsabers to the archive over time.

Personal Project
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