A lexigram is a symbol representing a word, especially one used in learning a language. In this project, lexigrams represent collections of brands, identities, and concepts in popular culture.

This project started as a test to see how few lines are needed to convey an idea. The origin of the first lexigrams is captivating and complex. Each lexigram is built on a strict 20×20 grid, allow for a centerline on both X and Y axis. There’s also a 2×2 margin around the edges. Using a grid allows me to precisely position elements and ensure consistency.

I use the simplest of shapes as the basis of each lexigram, whenever possible. If more complex shapes are required, they are created from compounded simple shapes. The entire lexigram collection uses just 12 colors. The hues are muted and various, allowing for a maximum amount of line/background combinations while retaining legibility.

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